Energy Efficient Homes Perth

The greatest 3 needs we have as human beings is shelter, food and companionship which explains why building the right energy efficient homes in Perth to build is so important as your new efficient home design will provide you shelter, be a great place to entertain and share life experiences with your chosen partner, family and friends.

Today is your opportunity to make a difference. It’s your chance to make a positive change through your home building choices. Energy efficient home design is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint without having to pay ongoing costs, in fact, good energy efficient designs will reduce your costs, as energy bills will come down significantly which will *SAVE* you money. As we like to say, saving money is banking money!

Is this going to be a lot of hard work?

Many people ask “is building an environmentally friendly home easy”? The answer for the novice is that it’s extremely difficult unless they engage the services of green smart professionals. Green smart professionals are accredited through accomplishing a detailed energy efficiency course including different design techniques and Perth specific weather analysis. Through using these professionals you can make the whole home building process very *EASY* allowing you to save time and let you do what you love doing most.

If you’re looking for an easy way to make an environmentally friendly difference in the world, you can utilise our services and expertise to create your amazing new energy efficient home and achieve excellent energy efficiency ratings.

Have you ever noticed?

  • You’re putting on the air-conditioner all the time? Even when it’s not really that hot outside?
  • There’s a great cool sea breeze blowing but it seems to totally skip past your house?
  • Why some of your friends have a much cooler (temperature) home than yours in summer?
  • Do you find some areas of your home uncomfortable during certain seasons of the year? Perhaps even being unused because of how impractical or how hot they are?
  • The home you live in doesn’t seem to take advantage of the block your on?

These conditions are probably quite technical, but can be solved during a detailed design and analysis process where your house design and plans can receive an energy efficiency rating before being built. This ensures the concept home design delivers what it promises providing absolute *PEACE OF MIND* for home buyers looking to build an Eco home.

Due to the nature of the design and analysis process our availability is limited because we only take on a set number of new home building projects each year. If you would like to know more about what we can do to help you build your new energy efficient home then please contact us today to arrange a face to face meeting to create your wonderful Eco house design. We understand the Perth climate and prevailing conditions that will affect the comfort levels of you new efficient home which can ensure you will live in comfort for years to come.

PS: We’ll also manage finding you the right builder and the entire tender process, ensuring your Eco home building experience is as easy and as energy efficient as possible.