Solar passive home plans


We all like to live in an unpolluted and green environment and leaving behind a safe Earth for our future generations that follow. But are we doing enough? The answer is a firm NO!

We have messed up the world right royally and are suffering the consequences of our actions over the last century or so. In the name of development and advancement we have failed to see the big picture. We have built roads where we should not have and we have dug wells where we shouldn’t have. We have produced goods that we never should have and dug up the Earth and extracted minerals that we should have left undisturbed.

We have done all the wrong things to bring anxiety on ourselves and today place our heads in our palms and wonder how we could get out of the mess that we have created.

Our environment is polluted and unsafe, our waterways are contaminated and the land is sliding beneath our feet taking away our loved ones along with our homes and material belongings. Our water tables are unsafe to drink and the list is endless.

We have strangled ourselves in the rat race to “Be like the Jones”, and are sadly reaping the fruits of our follies. If we do not take stock of the present and arrest the situation we will be in dire straits soon, and so will our children.

The answer to the most important aspect of our lives, which is unbridled energy usage, is the clean and safe Solar energy that is freely available to us 24x7 all 365 days of the year.

Going green with Solar Panels the greenest of green energy solutions in a long term environment friendly Solar Power System is the answer for at least one of our major concerns, in the future.


Solar the answer to fossil energy in the future

Man has been dependent on fossil energy for centuries. Coal was used extensively for heating purposes and still is, prior to that firewood was used by prehistoric man.

The notion was that extracting Coal and using it to fuel our necessities was much easier as it was available in abundance at a few hundred feet below the ground.

We never looked up at the Sun, and made a conscious effort to harness and utilize it’s immense value and the easily and the freely available solar energy that was provided to us all throughout the day.

With fossil fuels becoming dearer and the possibility of it becoming exhausted one day, we are now looking at the Sun and developing more efficient and affordable solar panels for conversion to solar power.

Bringing a jumping castle hire home and setting it up for your kids to enjoy themselves would need an electrical connection to run the blower continuously during the whole duration the jumping castle hire Melbourne is in use.

A portable solar panel could be set up to safely provide the required electricity and also save on your bills at the end of the month. There are many such small units available for hire as well as for outright purchase.

Using a portable solar panel to generate solar power and run the blower on the bouncy castle hire Melbourne would be eco-friendly as well as clean and green.

If each of us does make an effort to contribute to the energy requirements in a small way, it will provide many years of clean and healthy living for our children in the future.